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Celebrating the Power of Extraordinary Women

In our captivating new podcast, "More Than A Woman," myself and Tracey are on a mission to highlight the remarkable women within our community of Leicestershire and Rutland.

With diverse backgrounds and experiences, We are passionate about showcasing the extraordinary stories of strength, courage, and determination that often go unheard.

Our podcast aims to inspire and empower audiences of all genders and ages.

"More Than A Woman" explores a wide range of topics, from trending issues to those that often go unspoken but are equally vital.

Our podcast is a tribute to the resilience and achievements of women, celebrating the strength and determination they bring to various aspects of life.

We have an impressive line up of guests including: -

Alicia Kearns MP: A prominent political figure, sharing her journey and insights into leadership. -

Iman Barlow: A world-class kickboxing and Muay Thai boxer, showcasing her incredible achievements in the combat sports world.

Katie Neeves: A transgender activist, providing valuable perspectives on gender identity and advocacy.

Rosemary Conley: A fitness and diet expert with over 50 years of experience, who has helped countless individuals lead healthier lives.

Coming Soon - Alice Greaves: A resilient 24-year-old ,battling breast cancer with a smile, raising thousands for local charities and inspiring others on her journey to recovery.

To connect with us or to learn more about the podcast, please contact:

Email -

Facebook -

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