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Embracing Authenticity: A Conversation with Katie Neeves, Cool2BTrans Founder

We're thrilled to share the exciting news of our podcast episode featuring the incredible Katie Neeves, Founder of Cool2BTrans.

This is a powerful two-part conversation.

**Katie Neeves: A Journey of Authenticity**

In this captivating chat, Katie opens up about her personal journey, marked by a pivotal moment in 2018 when she courageously came out as transgender after living 48 years as a man. Her story is not just a personal triumph but a beacon of inspiration for others navigating their own paths to authenticity.

**Cool2BTrans: Supporting and Inspiring**

Our discussion with Katie delves into the impactful work she does through Cool2BTrans. This organization goes beyond personal transformation; it serves as a vital support system for the transgender community. Katie shares how Cool2BTrans not only inspires and supports trans individuals but also works towards educating society about the experiences and challenges faced by the transgender community.

**Join the Conversation**

As we continue this empowering journey, your support means the world to us. Be sure to stay connected with our podcast for future episodes.

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