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Starting 2024 with a Powerful Kick in the Butt: Alice Greaves' Inspiring Journey with Triple Negative Breast Cancer

As we step into the new year, it's important to remember that challenges can come our way at any given moment.

However, it's how we choose to face these obstacles that truly defines us.

We bring you the captivating story of Alice Greaves, a young woman who received a life-altering diagnosis in February 2023 - triple negative breast cancer.

Despite the difficulties she encountered, Alice's unwavering spirit and determination have propelled her towards raising awareness about this particular cancer and its symptoms.

If you're in need of an incredible dose of inspiration, we invite you to listen to part 1 of our interview with the remarkable Alice Greaves. Her story will undoubtedly make you cry, laugh, and even shout WTF in disbelief. Alice's undying mantra, "If anyone can Alice can," truly encapsulates her indomitable spirit.

Join us in celebrating Alice's unwavering determination, her refusal to be defined by her diagnosis, and her relentless efforts to raise awareness about triple negative breast cancer.

Let her story ignite your own resilience as we navigate the challenges that lie ahead in 2024.

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