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"Conversations with Anne Davies: A Broadcasting Journey - Part 1

Join us for a captivating two-part podcast series as we delve into the illustrious broadcasting career of Anne Davies, a seasoned broadcaster with a wealth of experience spanning over four decades. In this exclusive interview, Anne shares invaluable insights, anecdotes, and reflections on her remarkable journey in the media industry.

Part 1: "From Sutton to the Airwaves: The Beginnings"

Discover the fascinating story of Anne Davies' entry into broadcasting, from her humble beginnings in Sutton to her studies at the University of East Anglia. Anne recounts her journey into the media landscape since 1981, offering sage advice for aspiring broadcasters and sharing her top tips for mastering presentations and interviews. Delve into her influences, her ground breaking role as one of the anchors for the first breakfast program GMTV, and the art of adapting personas across different broadcasting formats.

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