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Celebrating Excellence in Sports and Health: Let’s Get Moving Melton Awards 2023

Melton Sport and Health Alliance, is proud to announce the much-anticipated launch of the Let’s Get Moving Melton Awards 2023.

These awards are designed to honour exceptional sporting achievements and active lifestyle advocates in the Melton borough.

Residents are invited to nominate individuals or groups from the community who deserve recognition for their unwavering commitment to sports, physical activity, and health. From unsung heroes who work behind the scenes to those who have inspired others and made significant contributions to our communities, there are multiple award categories open for nominations.

**Awards Categories:**

**Children and Young People Awards:**

1. **Let's Get Moving School Award:** Recognising schools that excel in promoting physical activity among their students.

2. **Primary School Team of the Year:** Celebrating the top primary school sports teams in Melton.

3. **Secondary School Team of the Year:** Honouring the most outstanding secondary school sports teams.

4. **Junior Team of the Year:** Recognising the achievements of junior sports teams.

5. **Junior Club of the Year:** Awarding the best junior sports clubs in the community.

6. **Junior Sportsperson of the Year:** Celebrating young athletes who have achieved remarkable success.

7. **Let's Get Moving Young Hero Award:** Recognising young individuals who have made a difference in promoting an active lifestyle.

**Adult Awards:**

1. **Team of the Year:** Celebrating adult sports teams that have excelled in their respective fields.

2. **Group/Club of the Year:** Recognising adult sports groups and clubs that have made significant contributions to the community.

3. **Melton Inclusive Sport Physical Activity (MISPA) Person of the Year:** Honouring an individual who has championed inclusivity and accessibility in sports and physical activities.

4. **Sportsperson of the Year:** Awarding the most outstanding adult athlete in Melton.

5. **Let's Get Moving for Health Award:** Recognising those who have made significant contributions to promoting health and wellness in the community.

6. **Let's Get Moving Hero Award:** Celebrating individuals who have inspired others to lead active and healthy lives.

7. **Let’s Get Moving Outstanding Contribution Award:** Honouring those who have made exceptional and lasting contributions to the Let’s Get Moving initiative.

**Nomination Process:**

Nominations are currently open and will remain so until Sunday, 22nd October 2023. To nominate someone deserving, please visit, where you will find the submission form and criteria for each award.

Once all nominations have been received, an independent panel will meticulously review each submission to create a shortlist of nominees. This shortlist will be made public on the Melton Sport and Health Alliance website. The grand awards ceremony is scheduled to take place at Parkside on Thursday, 30th November 2023.

The Let’s Get Moving Melton Awards 2023 not only celebrate athletic excellence but also the dedication and passion of individuals and groups who tirelessly work to promote a healthier, more active community. It's an opportunity for Melton residents to come together and recognise those who are making a meaningful difference in the lives of many through their commitment to sports and health. So, take a moment to nominate the deserving heroes in your community and be part of this inspiring journey toward better health and fitness for all.

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